Cats since childhood have been my passion, inspiration and escape into the world of dreams.

As a little girl I was looking for them on the barns and in the attic while spending the summer in auntie’s home.
They had their paths, fences and secrets that I wanted to discover and understand.
They were my hugs when I felt no one was in love with me or a psychologist who was concentrating on hearing my problems, to murmur his own opinion.
I saw them everywhere …
Hunting for birds, fighting for land or getting lazy in the sun.
Often they appeared from nowhere on the threshold of my house or in some bushes begging for help.
I had a weakness for them and often broken heart because I was sorry for the harm done to them …
Same today …

… But after all my life with the backyard cats I wanted to live with the Ragdolls, whose presence alone creates a fairytale atmosphere at home because they have an aristocratic look and character.
According to the legend, when you take Ragdoll onto your hands, the cat relaxes, his muscles flutter, become submissive and subjected, which I have never met in other breeds.
These cats are exceptionally calm and without aggression as if their aim in life was just to give love which after all we all need ..

All cats have negative test results for HCM, PKD, FeLV, FIV and are regularly vaccinated.

Our cats are under constant supervision

of Veterinary Clinic “Vita”
Kisielewskiego 94A
42-215 Czestochowa
Tel. +48 34 322 63 80

Our breed is registered in Cat Club Phoenix – CCF, a member of the Polish Federation of Felinology “Felis Polonia” FPL, belonging to the International Federation of Felinology – FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline).